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ginger snap wax melts

ginger snap wax melts

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the spicy and warm aroma of baked cinnamon and ginger
♡ 2.5oz all-natural soy wax
♡ long-lasting
♡ wax melts are handmade and may have slight discrepancies to color and shape

safety info
♡ do not eat. wax melts are only to be used in a wax warmer
♡ add as many wax melt pebbles as you'd like but keep in mind the size of your wax warmed. do not overfill
♡ do not burn wax melts longer than 3 hours
♡ never leave wax melts burning while unattended
♡ keep wax melts out of reach of children

**frosting is a naturally occurring effect in 100% natural soy wax and is only cosmetic. frosting does not affect the performance of the wax melts

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